Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Office Update

Things are slowly returning to normal after a long weekend that has nearly shattered my knees. The office is completely painted. The bookcases are assembled and partially filled. I've got 100 lbs or so of books that need disbursement. DH still needs to sort through his magazines, etc. We need to move upstairs bookcase downstairs to the bar room because I still need the room. Can't dispose of it. But I do have two bookscases that can be freecycled sometimes this week. The desk is assembled and is huge. Right now on top of it we have a desktop computer, a laptop, a printer, a scanner, a VCR and a turntable. And still there is plenty of room to work.

I love the wall color - La Fonda Boulder from Lowe's. DH says it's making him hungry - think chocolate Frosty from Wendy's. I've got issues with picking a fabric which I need to do ASAP. I don't need curtains for the window as badly as I need to make curtains for the closet.I removed the closet doors from this room two years ago and sawed them in half and threw them away. (The sawing was to be certain DH couldn't salvage them for some silly reason.) I need to steam clean the carpet in here. And bring in another chair. Cat was totally put out by this entire process. I believe he thinks this is his room as he comes down here every morning and stays till the afternoon. Right now he's snoozing on his ottoman - glad the work is finished, but unhappy that his ottoman isn't in front of the window.

There's still plenty to do in the rearranging and cleaning department. Everything that was moved out of this room needs to find a home so I can reclaim the bar room, that was formerly known as the pool room. But I freecycled the pool table. And maybe I should call it the den. Sounds better than bar?


Kathryn said...

Yes, den does sound better than bar, unless you have an actual bar (and bottles and glassware) in there. But there is a downstairs room in a friends' house that they still call the Booze Room. They use it as an office, but they remember it when they first saw the house as full of booze and the name just stuck.

Our house has a Print Room. That's where my husband keeps his 42" Epson printer (that he never uses), but it does have two print drawers where he keeps his printed photos and a shelving unit full of Neilsen frames. It's almost too full of stuff (like a mannequin) to walk around in.

jo said...

Yes it has an actual bar. Complete with a kegirator that we have yet to use. Place was previously owned by a young bachelor.

But I know that if I call it the Booze Room - that is what it will become. Forever. Thanks. LOL