Monday, February 25, 2008

Let's All Go To The Movies

Let's all go to the movies,
Let's all go to the movies,
Let's all go to the movieeeeees,
And we'll have a wonderful time.

Once upon a time, back in the early days of our relationship, we saw nearly every movie that got released. The good, the bad, and the terrible. Sometimes the schlockier the better. Movies at the drive-in. Movies in the big old fashioned movie houses. Movies in the converted to two screens theaters. Movies in the brand new cinemaplex. We sat in the back and if the movie was boring, spent a lot of time making out. Sat down front when it was a scary picture and we wanted those monsters to be as big as possible.

Now I can't even remember the last movie I saw in a theater. I remember going to see Pan Labyrinth. Probably was Pirates of the Caribbean III.

We just wait to see them on DVD. And we're much pickier about what we watch.

But I miss that whole "going" to the movies experience. Waiting in line to buy tickets. Waiting in line inside the theater penned up like cattle at the slaughterhouse to see The Empire Strikes Back for the third time. Bad-for-you movie popcorn. Junior Mints. A half-gallon cup of coke and bladder that let you sit through the entire movie even though you drank the whole thing. Sticky floors. Broken seats. People throwing popcorn. Talking back to the screen. Being transported to another place/time.

This is all just a warm up for me to say that I don't think the Oscars are relevant. LOL

P.S. Did finish my mystery project yesterday.


Anna van Schurman said...

Just reading USA Today saying how the Oscars are only important if people know who the stars are. As a former Angeleno, I took the complete opposite stance--and was horrified when the "blockbusters" won. I guess relevance is somehow exponentially related to your distance from La Cienega and Olympic. And we were about 1/2 mile away! :)

Kathryn said...

Too true. We are so used to time shifting now that Nielsen ratings for television had to add TiVo users to their ratings since "straight" viewers are becoming a smaller percentage of television watchers every year. And since the strike, who knows how many have left network television for good. Even people without a DVR are choosing television box sets (purchased or from Netflix) a year after the broadcast.

How many recent movies have you rented and been disappointed in? When you have the choice to watch whatever schlock for teenagers is playing in the theaters or a classic movie in the comfort of your own home (possibly with a large screen, HD, and 7.1 sound), well, the theater is no longer the best experience.