Thursday, February 14, 2008

Who's Got It? ( the movie?)

In which I attempt to find my stitching mojo by attending my LNS's morning stitch in.

This should work. Always has in the past.

This is Catherine Agnes' beginnings. There's all kinds of fun stuff on this one - bullions, rhodes, algerian eyelets, reticello. I need to find a doodle cloth to practice my bullions on - gotta figure out how many times to wrap the needle on this fabric to cover x amount of ground. Fun, fun, fun!


AmyNJ said...

Oh, my gosh that is beyond beautiful. Can't wait to see the post when it's complete.

jo said...

Thanks! I spent today playing around on a doodle cloth trying to perfect my detached buttonhole stitch and bullion knots. I think I've got it.