Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Not Feeling My Best

I was not feeling my best yesterday and didn't wander far from my stitching chair. I ripped out the bottom row on my frame weight and restitched it. Then did the next motif in on both sides. Now comes the fun part. Because my friend was charting this as she was stitching it. So not all parts match. I could wait for her to finish charting or I could just move on my own.

Which means I'm about to sit down with my charting software and see if I can make this work. If not, I'll stitch the middle parts and wait for her to complete the rest. I need more of the chart charted to make my color choses work for me so I will not just "wing" it.

In other news, my daughter got to hear Hillary Clinton speak at a rally yesterday. Obama did not go to her school. Instead the governor went - Deval Patrick. A couple of weeks ago, Chelsea Clinton came and spoke for her mother. How did Clark come to be picked? Maybe this has something to do with it?

Chelsea Clinton's boss, a billionaire Wall Street fund manager, is an alumnus, and an ex-trustee. There's a bioscience building named for him and his wife, a current trustee.

Hey, honey, did you know that?

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