Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Was Lovely

Got up yesterday and realized that the predicted rain had already moved through for the morning and decided we needed to get out and take advantage of the lovely warm temperatures and abundant sunshine.

So off we went to Mason Neck State Park for a walk through the woods and around parts of Belmont Bay. We got there early enough so that there were hardly any other people there. My favorite way to enjoy the woods - without strangers mucking about. Did the Bayview trail and then decided to walk the Eagle Spur trail out to the observation point. Hardly saw a single animal. Strange. One squirrel. Even stranger. I was hoping for a bald eagle siting, but that was not to be. Just the pleasure of 3-4 miles of tromping through the woods. Which was nice. Of course, someone did smoke the requisite cigar on the first trail. But it wasn't enough to ruin my enjoyment.

Made a stop or two along the way home. And sat down and stitched some more on my mystery project. Then I realized that I really, really wanted some Thai Curry soup from Noodles for supper. I ran by the grocery store first to purchase the ubiquitous milk, bread, and eggs. I try to keep enough milk in the house for the occasional bowl of cereal for DH (I don't do cereal and milk. Hated it since I was little.) Some stores don't even sell quarts of 1% milk. Which means I often find myself making some meal to use up milk before it spoils. White sauce anyone? Cheese sauce? Pudding? Chowder?


Jennifer said...

The weather was GORGEOUS yesterday. I opened the door and couldn't believe how warm it was!!!

It's funny - between the two of us, we got through a gallon of milk every 4-5 days. But I do remember my mom making rice pudding to use up milk before it went bad.

Kathryn said...

I don't drink milk either, but I usually have it on hand. With your cold weather I would make chowder, but there is also mac and cheese (made that last week), mashed potatoes, muffins and cakes.