Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Yucky - Rainy

Could be worse I suppose. It could be cold enough to snow. Fortunately, we are going to be spared that today. I just need more sunshine.

Yesterday I did errands and shopping. Because I had a travel diary to fill out. DH did, too. He's the good guy - drives to park and ride to take public transportation. I'm the bad guy. Driving to Leesburg and back shopping for water filter for fridge and presents for someone's upcoming birthday. (Next Monday, my DD turns 21!)

Today is housework and stitching on the gingko leaves project. I started it yesterday. I can already tell that I will grow to hate this before I'm finished. Just going to be difficult to count and there's a lot of solid stitching where the edges cause problems because of the quarter stitches. In other words, it looks easy, basically at this point is easy, but I'll get distracted and make assumptions and mistakes and will have to frog a ton. That's my prediction. LOL

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