Monday, February 04, 2008

No Such Thing as Perfection

It would have been wonderful. But it was not to be. Okay. I'm okay with that. It was a great season. And now I may never watch a football game again.


On Saturday I pulled out one of my older UFOs - Celtic Christmas. She really is quite pretty and deserves to be finished. The beading on this has totally slowed me down. But I did spend an hour or two working on her. It would be nice if I could devote one day a week to this piece.

Then my friend called me Saturday night to beg me to come to her frame weight class on canvas the next morning. Which I did. I even learned a new stitch. And came home happy with the colors I had picked based on my birthday month of February - a purple Watercolours called amethyst. I counted down the side three times, but apparently I should have tried one more, 'cause I'm a row short. Which means I have to rip out my bottom and move it down one thread. No problem. I'd just like to try to match my work that's already there. I checked to see if I could fudge this, but I don't think so, Boo Boo.

While at the shop I bought a large handi-clamp scroll frame to put that Martina Dey piece on. After all, it was the Superbowl Sale.

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