Saturday, February 02, 2008

Okay - A Decision Was Made

I sat yesterday and played with all kinds of thread combinations for Indigo Rose's Catherine Agnes.

I eventually have settled on a combination of 5 Glissen Gloss Colorwash silks and 3 Waterlilies. I think I'm finally at a point that I like the colors well enough to proceed.

I rinsed and ironed the linen for this piece - Light Exampler - and for the Martina Dey piece - a large swath of Lakeside Linens Magnolia.

Going now to see if I have scroll frames to fit these. I've been slowly converted from an in hand stitcher to using frames.

Also played with my design for my second rock n roll sampler. While playing came up with ideas for like 3 more, plus I would like to do a sampler that pays homage to my husband's love of single malts. (Side note: I don't get Scotch. Not only do I not get it, when I smell it, it makes me recoil in distaste.)


Kathryn said...

I'd be interested in how the Glissen Gloss works out. I have some, but I haven't ever used it.

Sorry about your aversion to single malts. I love Glenmorangie in Port Wood and some of the Spey single malts. Love the smoky flavors. But I completely understand because my husband is a Bourbon snob and I really don't like the stuff myself.

jo said...

At our house I'm the bourbon person, though DH will drink it also. But I found he's not fond of Irish whiskey so I can usually keep some Jameson or Bushmills around. And he doesn't get my liking of Calvados either. But I hate gin, too. It's a good thing there are so many choices.

Kathryn said...

Interesting. I am a gin & tonic person all year around, though I once got snarked for drinking it in the winter. What's wrong with a lime in winter? Yup, lots of flavors for every taste.

Kim said...

Rock and Roll Sampler? Scotch Sampler? Are you designing these or do you have a supplier for such patterns... either way, I'd love to see a photo!

jo said...

Kim, I did what I am calling my first rock n roll sampler last summer as part of our EGA chapter's challenge - the view out your window. I did a quick look and see no photo, which I'll try to remember to do today or tomorrow. It's a band sampler with words from a Donovan song - Sunshine came softly through my window today. The next one and the scotch one are just doodles at this point, but I'll get inspired eventually.