Friday, August 21, 2009

Looks Like We're Changing

Hubby and I are planning a little trip. We were originally heading north, but now it looks like we shall go south instead. Anyone know of any good shops in North Carolina that I should seek out? We're heading to the Outer Banks.

I was totally incapacitated yesterday. Vomiting, headache, slight fever. Pretty good that I managed to post here yesterday. Feeling better today, but still not perfect.

No stitching for me. Worse, I was going to attend my first American Needlepoint Guild meeting last night. Oh well. There's always next month.


Anna van Schurman said...

Feel better! The only time I was in NC I was at Spirit of Cross stitch, so I didn't get out of the hotel much. ;)

Jennifer said...

Love the OBX - DH and I went there on our honeymoon. I wasn't as into stitching then - we went mostly for the lighthouses, but I did pick up a piece at the giftshop at the lighthouse in Corolla. You might be hard pressed to find an actual shop, but check giftshops carefully as they sometimes carry pieces.

Have you decided where you are staying? Buxton is a particular favorite of ours. This is where we always stay:

Wendy said...

I just went to the Outer Banks at the end of July. We rented a house in Waves. There are no shops.. nada. I didn't go to the lighthouse in Corolla, but the gift shop at Cape Hatteras didn't have anything. =(

From where you are, I believe you'll be passing Virginia Beach where there's a shop if you want to take a mini detour.

Wendy said...

I forgot to mention.... I hope you're feeling better today! =( Sorry you've been miserable.