Friday, August 14, 2009


If you are a stitcher and you don't belong to the Embroiders' Guild of America (or similiar guild if you're international), why don't you belong?

Go to the website and look at some of classes currently being offered, either at this years Seminar in Pittsburg or as Correspondence Courses. (Next year Seminar is in San Francisco.)

Things available through the EGA:

Research grants.

Teacher certification program.

Judging certification program.

Appraisal certfication program.

The Extended Study Program which offers intensive study both
at EGA Headquarters in Louisville, KY and in other locations.

Master Craftsmen programs in 11 different fields....where you
test your skills against a standard and receive critiques to help you
improve. I'm enrolled in the Counted Thread Master Craftsmen course right now.

Challenge with a Twist....offered every year to encourage

Independent Study (formerly individual correspondence courses)
where the individual works one-on-one with an expert teacher

Fiber Forum - you have to be juried into this group, but you can be a Friend of the Fiber Forum.

There are Scholarship opportunities if you think things cost too much. You just need to apply.

There is:

a lending library for both books and videos

a study box lending library

a resource center where you can go to do independent study

a gallery which exhibits the work of regions and other categories on a
rotating to the public

a growing and evolving collection of embroideries including almost
every technique and a gallery to display to the public

a large selection petite projects for chapters to use for programs

a national exhibit which tours the US, exposing non-EGA members to the
"art" of needlework

a wonderful national magazine which includes projects, news, history,

An online discussion group at yahoogroups!

regional and national seminars with the finest teachers....offering in
depth classes and those that encourage
individuality as well as set 1/2 day, 1 day, 2
day, and 4 day format

outreach programs which support local and national "civilian"
programs....kissing pillows, newborn baby items, women's shelters, etc.

a youth program under development which will offer special incentive
to our children and grandchildren including very reduced price dues for those under the age of 17

If you don't have a regional chapter near you, you can be a member-at-large. Or a member of the Cyberstitchers chapter.

All this and still my number one reason for joining is meeting with other people who share this crazy love of needles and thread.

This message by me has been shamelessly adapted from a post by Pat Correz on the EGA National yahoogroup! about why the EGA is unique.

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Anna van Schurman said...

Yes but you have a rather unique group of people in your EGA chapter. I've been totally put off by mine. And by the magazine.

I also think their efforts to attract young stitchers focuses on the too-young.