Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Once More unto the Breach

Lately it seems to be getting more difficult to sit here and write. At least coherently. This leads to all types of bad ideas in my head. You know. Vows and promises, etc. So I won't say I'll try to be more interesting. Or post more photos. Or only talk about stitching. I'll work through the blahs and move on. It's worked for the past nearly 6 years.

Photo: Anyone know what type of butterfly this is? The bees and butterflies love this salvia that is in the front yard. I tried looking online with little result.

I've added two more blogs to the list at right - Oubliette and Musings from a Three Bedroom Ranch. I think I had Musings on here before the fateful I lost everything blogspot incident of several years ago. Scroll down and read her August 1st post. I'll be musing myself on this for a few days.

For interest: The Royal School of Needlework and the Dover Castle bringing Henry II back to life.


Anna van Schurman said...

Hard to say. Is it a skipper?

Sara Leigh said...

I think that's it, Anna. I'd call it a moth, not a butterfly though.