Thursday, August 20, 2009

Mermaids vs. Owls

I think I've identified a new trend.

Let's start here at the Needleworks in Austin, Texas.

The next place I noticed Owls was in the ABC Stitch Therapy Newsletter. These are by Hinzeit. Charmed I and Charmed II.

The next place was a real store, In Stitches, where I bought this one by Plum Street.
And I saw this one by Notforgotten Farm. They also have this one in which the owl is featured.

Now let's look around some more. There's this one by My Mark. Scroll down.

There's this beauty by Arelate Studio.

I love the fabric on this one by the Needle's Notion.

And I'll finish up with this one by Dames of the Needle.

Now I know there are plenty of other owl designs out there. My aim wasn't to post a comprehensive list, but to highlight some of the newer ones.

At this point, mermaids win on overall count. But I think the owl is going to be showing up more often.

Here's my favorite owl story.

We had just moved into a newly renovated set of quarters on Fort Carson. The house beside us was still awaiting its new residents. We'd only been in the house a couple of days, but I already knew we had a neighborhood owl because I would hear him at night. My hubby and I were sitting outside taking a break from opening boxes just after the sun had set behind Cheyenne Mountain. As I stood up to go back inside and work, a great horned owl flew right at me. He went by just inches over my head. I think he was trying to scare us into leaving. He continued to live in our spruce tree and in a large tree in the neighbor's yard where Alex and I dissected a ton of owl pellets to see what he had been eating.


C in DC said...

I was just in Austin last week, but barely got out of the conference hotel.

My sister's currently stationed at Fort Carson. She misses being within driving distance of the ocean.

Anna van Schurman said...

Owls are huge on and in stamping. I recently read a post (can't remember where) that posited the rooster is the new owl on etsy. We'll see. Roosters might be too country to take over the owl (which took over the scrolly bird if stamping is to be believed.) I mean roosters have been around in cross stitch for-evah.

Donna said...

I found that the mountains were an adequate substitute for the ocean. It helped knowing I wouldn't be there forever. Miss watching the afternoon summer storms roll in over the mountains.

I think roosters/chickens have been around forever and shouldn't
be considered a new trend. Will have to check a fabric store to see if it's made decorator fabrics yet.