Sunday, August 02, 2009

Working Hard on Arabella Reborn

The closer I get to finishing this piece the more I like it.

And of course I have renamed it in my head.

I think September Sunrise works for me. (The colorway is called Autumn Leaves by the designer which I disagree with vehemently.)

I thought I could just bang through this today, but didn't realize how much backstitching there was towards the end. I've got one quarter of the border completely finished and two other quarters in progress. I'd forgotten how much I love the look of the plaited stitch.


Okay. I just a spent a few minutes looking around the 'net for a stitch diagram and realize that this stitch must go by another name as I can find three different versions of a plaited that look nothing like what I'm doing. Nor do they look like each other. But I know I have used this stitch before and will have to hunt down the project that used it to see what that designer called it.

Oh well.

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