Monday, August 24, 2009

Things from My Sewing Box

Last night I took a few things out of my wicker sewing box. This isn't my regular sewing box filled with usable supplies. But my sewing box filled with odds and ends that are either antique or on their way to antique status.

I've got 3 dozen or so handkerchiefs. Leather driving gloves. Wooden and steel crochet hooks whose hooks are so small you need a magnifier to see them. That kind of thing.

This is one of the handkerchiefs. A Walt Disney Snow White print on very fine fabric with a hand crocheted edging.

A close-up of Snow White.

A type of Sunbonnet Sue pattern. She's crocheted and with a very fine thread.

This one is a towel. I love it for its color choices. Someone was extremely bold.
It's done in cross stitch. No sign of stamped pattern. Terrible color chosen to hemstitch it. Doesn't match at all. Quirky.

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