Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fiber Festival

DH and I went to the Shenandoah Fiber Festival today. Saw lots of sheep, goats, llamas, alpacas, and very furry bunnies. Lovely animals. Lots of big brown eyes. And I got to keep plunging my hand into lots of fleece and roving. And the colors that these things were dyed. Amazing!

Now I want some goats. Specifically the ones that are a cross between the pygmy and angora goats - the pygora. Somehow I think I'm not allowed goats here at my townhouse. Bummer.

I bought some undyed roving to play with. And a cat toy. And a needle felting piece. And a skein of bamboo yarn that just said "take me home."

As these things go, it was probably a good introduction for me. We might go the sheep dog trials next weekend at Montpelier. 

edit: I forgot to mention my delight at realizing I was driving past Chilly Hollow Road! 

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