Saturday, September 04, 2010

Meme from the Stitch Bitch

1. What craft sound or smell do you love?

Sound - laughter because that means I'm stitching with my friends. 

Smell - my first thought was Thai food because it's lunchtime! 

2. What craft sound or smell do you hate?

Sound - tears of frustration

Smell - there once was this dyed linen that smelt like used coffee grounds and burnt chocolate that was pretty darn revolting. 
3. What career other than your own would you like to try?

I would like to own a needlework store big enough to employ many of my friends. I've got the floor plans somewhere that I doodled one rainy day. 

4. When you have a craftastrophe, what is your favorite exclamation?

I go for short and to the point - fuck! Usually under my breath. I probably say shit, shit, shit! more often out loud. 


Sara Leigh said...

I think I know that linen. Must have been an R&R. I hope there's a place for me in your needlework store. I'd be happy to be an employee!

Kelly said...

Hi Donna, You asked me where I bought my System 4. Above is the link to the store I found with the best price on the travel stand. The cost includes the stand and the clamp. The lady at the store was really easy to work with and shipped me the stand on the same day I ordered it. It took about 5 days to get across the county and her shipping was really fair at around $10.00. Before I ordered, I asked if the price was right on the web page. She said this is an expensive item and she just makes a small profit from the sale. If she gets lots of sales, her small profits will add up.

Enjoy your new toy!! BTW. The other store that was only a bit higher was:

Bonnie said...

Love your reply to the "smell" part of question one. Do you think this means we eat Thai for lunch too often? (Not that even every week would be too often. LOL)

Donna said...

Thanks, Kelly. I think I did the same research you did. I just wanted to be certain I hadn't missed anyplace.

SL, You'd be right up front playing with the linen and threads and making people happy!

Bonnie, You're right. We can't possibly eat Thai food too often.

Edy said...

Can I "work" in your "shop"? I'd even move to VA for this.

Love your photos of the Scottish Games. We do Irish fests, but the Scottish ones have to be great too!