Friday, September 03, 2010

Friday's End

I'm not usually here posting this late on a Friday night. I went to Fredericksburg today to pick DS up from school. He wanted to come home to pick up some more things, but mostly I think it is to visit his girl. Okay. I remember my own road romance. I'm willing to do what I think is reasonable. 

I did some antiquing, but mostly without success. If I had a large house with space to fill, I would have had the deal of a lifetime. A huge oak victorian hall tree at 50% off. But instead I bought a Staffordshire teacup of Monticello. For $7.00.

I stopped in at Everything Cross Stitch and I now have the Christmas ornament issue of Just Cross Stitch. I've looked through it quickly once and can't say I'm overly excited. But I was rushed and will it give a more thorough examination later. 

Tomorrow we're going to try attending the Scottish games. This will be our first time here in Virginia. We went years ago in California and it was great fun. 

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Anna van Schurman said...

We went years ago in California too. But the dude didn't wear his tartan. I had to explain to everyone he was actually born in Scotland. His accent's so confusing.