Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Not Done For Today

I came downstairs to the office to cool off after vacuuming and remembered something that I meant to post about.

Has anyone else seen the Where Women Create magazine? Last week I leafed through one at the bookstore. The one with Amy Butler on the cover and I think it was the colors that grabbed my attention. Admirable idea and all. 



Not a single space was not overly staged for the camera. How am I supposed to apply this to my life if all you show me is perfect vignettes of antiques and fabrics and paper? They are selling a lifestyle. Not showing real life. Where's the mess that is the creative process? 

I'm a Virginia Woolf girl myself. All I want is a room of my own. And then don't bug me about how messy it looks to you.  


Kathryn said...

Not only are these "creative spaces" too staged; I also wonder where these people actually CREATE. Sometimes they have no flat surfaces or shelves too high to reach or see or so much decoration that there is no space to put any new things. Since I am planning a new space of my own I have been looking at a bazillion "creative spaces". In only a few have I seen spaces to WORK and with sufficient STORAGE. I have some ideas, but the most important one is Door That Close Off the Clutter. Some good light through north facing windows and a HUGE closet. Rolling tables for rearrangement and a stitching chair.

Donna said...

Kathryn, I think your ideas are fabulous!

Front Range Stitcher said...

I know I have become semi addicted to these colorful and porportedly inspirational, umpteen color magazines. I've purchased plenty of them and subscribe to two. I erroneously keep thinking I'll become inspired in some way. But honestly, so far it hasn't happened. Maybe it's me, but I think I've looked at enough of them to know that it is the same thing over and over for the most part just a different creation. I hope someone out there can add a different slant on these costly publications so I can really learn how to enjoy and use them.

By the way, Kathryn, I know you'll have the most wonderful creative space imaginable!