Friday, September 10, 2010

Saturday is Sampler Guild Day

Once again, I will publicly castigate myself for not joining the Loudoun Sampler Guild sooner than I did. I can hardly believe that for four years, I resisted because I didn't want to give up one Saturday a month. What a fool! I am so glad that I gave in and joined. 

And tomorrow is the second Saturday of the month and it's LSG meeting time!

Class tomorrow is a Pam Darney sampler. No photos. She barely let us look at the finished project. In fact, she'd hold it up across the room from you and move it back and forth. Because she doesn't want us to be influenced by what she stitched. Expect an interesting report on this. LOL

To enhance the experience, I brought my Love and Live Happy sampler by Pam back into rotation. When last I stitched on this, I had just finished the bird. Now the entire medallion is finished. And I love it. 


Bonnie said...

I want to stitch Pam's piece! WAH!!!!!!

Elmsley Rose said...

Very pretty :-)