Thursday, September 09, 2010

September SBQ

Is there anything that you do while you are stitching that is kind of weird or unusual?  A quirky habit maybe?  Or anything that you do that makes you think, Hey...I wonder if anyone else does this?

Oh, my. This is going to take some thought and reflection. I think I might even consult some stitching friends. And DH. 

It's September and that means it's time for the all the guilds to get back into the swing of things. Yesterday was our D.C. Chapter meeting. And holy Toledo. I added more books to my library. And to be good, I even started a database of my stitching books when I returned home with my new treasures. The first nine are logged in. Of course, it's on the laptop and this morning, I'm on the desktop. I figure sometime soon to take the laptop to the bookcase and start typing. This promises to be a monumental task. 

As for how to organize my database, I started with title, author, date of publication and technique/subject matter. I think this will suffice for my purposes, but if anyone has any other suggestions for what to include, I'm all ears. 

My book bonanza arrives courtesy of the estate of another stitcher. I didn't know her. But I'd say from her books, she was mostly a canvasworker and she had a huge number of books about designing and stitching inspiration. What would your stitching library say about you? 



Kathryn said...

I know that when we move I will catalog my books. I used to keep up a database for all my science fiction with what you started with plus ISBN, Signed (or not), What Was Signed, Hardcover/Paper/Trade, Cost (if known). When I restart I will add it to my database as I already have everything I have read since 2007 in there. You could also use The advantage to an online database is having to type in ONLY the ISBN. It even works with older books without ISBN. And you can export the data once entered if you don't want to save it in the cloud.

Elmsley Rose said...

I've heard you can buy a small scanner that will read the ISBN for you, then you enter it into LibraryThing and ... (what Kathryn says). Definitely the least amount of work those ISBNs are long!

They don't cost much. Sorry I don't know their names or how much. A query on LibraryThing might help if you are interested.

And I'd love to see the final list, you lucky thing! :-)

Anna van Schurman said...

Second Library Thing. Then it doesn't matter if you are on the laptop or the desktop.