Thursday, September 02, 2010

Yippee for Me!

Before I explain my "yippee" I'm giving the answer to a question.

The photo above isn't quite Wallis Sands. It's the North Hampton State Beach. And right across the street is the Beach Plum, a place with a very yummy lobstah roll. And their Orange Freezes aren't too shabby either. 


I did my early registration for EGA National Seminar this morning for 2011 in Naples, Florida. 

This will be my first EGA National Seminar. I'm happy for my friends who are leaving for San Francisco's Seminar tomorrow, but delirious for myself. And I get to look forward to this for a whole entire year. 


Kelly said...

Yeah!! Are the classes available on line? I know EGA has some different rules. I looked up this morning and our family condo is 20 miles away from the Naples resort. I have had an issue with EGA classes and not wanting them. Even if I cannot take classes, I may go down to volunteer and go to market. Mainly, it will depend on my love of ANG classes vs. what EGA offers. I am thinking I could use a needle painting class and EGA usually has those. It would be fun to say HI to someone that I watch in the blog world daily:)

Anna van Schurman said...

North Hampton. I spent many a summer there. But at the rocky part with the metal beach wall. We did eventually move up to the stone beach wall. Classy.

Ann said...

So . . .what class did you sign up for?

Donna said...

MPG's "Exotic Accessories."