Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The World from Tuesday

 I did not get around to posting yesterday as a friend and I made the always not fun trip to the Stitching Post. She's stocking up projects for stitching at their winter home. And I was just tagging along as I didn't really need anything. edit - What I meant was the drive is never fun - the shopping is tremendous fun!

That does not mean I didn't purchase anything. 

Let's see. I bought a frame and a bell pull for finishing a couple of things. Bought Little House Needleworks "Singing the Blues," Crossed Wings 2010 Hummingbird (someday I will stitch all of these that I have in my stash.), and Blackbird Designs "Splendid September" with the threads. I've got plenty of fabric for these smalls.

We enjoyed lunch at a new place -  Duesenbergs An American Cafe and Grill. This is right around the corner from the Stitching Post. The portions were in the ridiculous size and the food was terrific. 

Came home and did a bit a housework. And a bit of stitching. I somehow have found myself involved in teaching a piece next year and I started stitching it Sunday night. I've got the first part finished and it only took a couple of hours. I love what I changed the colors to and promise a photo after tomorrow - first sighting of this needs to be my fellow teachers. 

Hubby got home before 7 and had an uneventful drive down from NH. But he's still ill and this morning I find myself wondering if I'm getting it, too.

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