Friday, September 24, 2010

Nook, Nook, Who's Got a Nook?

I've been planning this particular purchase for a while. Just biding my time and taking in recommendations. 

You know what's funny? No matter who you ask, they love their Kindle or their Nook. 

And today I bought a Nook. 

And she needs a name. 

And I'm thinking Nina. Short for Antonia. Means "priceless." 

Or maybe it's the Native American version which means "mighty."

Or maybe I just like Nina Garcia on Project Runway. 


I've been busy finding things to load on to said Nina. And now I need to actually go and pay attention to this baseball game that the Red Sox are winning against the Yankees.


Nannette said...

I love my Nook too. I downloaded some PDF knitting patterns on mine, and when I took a trip recently I had my patterns and books all in one tiny place.
My Nook's name is Nanook.

Jenn L in Chicago said...

I have a Sony Touch. And I'll admit, I very seriously considered taking it back and getting a Kindle there for a while. My primary reason for getting it was church. My scripture bag is insanely heavy with all of the books that I carry around - Bible, Book of Mormon, Doctrine & Covenants, my Sunday School manual and my Relief Society manual - plus a crochet project for during sacrament talks, a spiral for taking notes and my calendar. Fortunately, all of the books are available as e-files.... unfortunately, only in Mobi or PDF format. I was able to find a conversion utility to try and get the Mobi files into ePub, which is the standard that Sony and Nook prefer, but the files had DRM protection that the converter wouldn't touch. So I ended up re-downloading as PDF. It's VERY slow to change pages on a PDF compared to ePub files, and I feel like it's going through a lot more battery as well.

Martha said...

yikes that was some baseball game - thank heavens it ended when it did... whew....close win.. yea..
Glad you bought a NOOK - I love mine..

Martha said...

good Baseball game tonight, can you imagine the ones that left early because of the 10 - 1 score... Yea Sox...
I love my Nook - enjoy yours.

Erica said...

Congrats on your Nook. I love my Kindle. I named mine Paige. Sad, I know, but don't hold it against me!