Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I know I've been quiet here. I "ran away" from home on Monday morning after a weekend of needlework workshop. I'm up in NH helping my daughter shop for her new apartment. First full-time job, first lease, first time living totally on her own. 

She's thrilled to have me here (mostly because she has no money) and I'm happy to be helping. 

Yesterday we hit IKEA for furniture. The Container Store for incidentals. And Bed Bath and Beyond. 

Today we took the day for a walking in the woods with our cameras and antiquing. 

Tomorrow is reserved for driving the 90 miles to her place and purchasing food and cleaning supplies. 

And then Friday I head south once again, but only as far as Delaware as my EGA chapter is visiting Winterthur on Saturday. I have tons of photos and info and fun to post, but right now I'm way too tired. You will all have to wait till Sunday/Monday. Sorry! 

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