Friday, October 08, 2010

Stitching Like Mad

I've been stitching like a mad woman this week with nothing I can show you. 

I received a super top secret piece on Monday - charted what I was going to do by dinner time, stitched all evening. And that continued until yesterday. It was terrible stitching day for me with my friends as I made little progress. Spent the first part frogging my mistake on prework for a class tomorrow. Let's just say, I am very unfond of frogging over one stitching. This was a rookie counting error that I made while stitching with this same group back in September. You can see I put off dealing with it until the last possible moment. In fact, I welcomed the distraction of the super top secret piece. 

And as I started stitching the over one - this time in a different starting place - I discovered a new error. I had started one thread off. Let's just say "argh!" Which meant taking out the black box and re-stitching it one thread over. By the time Project Runway was nearing the end, I decided it was time to put this down. And I picked up and finished the super top secret project while watching House Hunters and HHInternational.  Went to bed finally around midnight.

I'm fairly confident I can finish my prework today. This is a Betsy Morgan piece that's a class with the Loudoun Sampler Guild. She says about six hours of work is involved. I think I've got three hours of time (not counting the mistakes) in it already. Today I'll see if I can finish it in three hours.

I don't why, but some Thursdays I have been accomplishing little during stitching group. I am not unmotivated. Maybe I'm just distracted?

Thanks to Robin for pointing out that I didn't label yesterday's telephoto close-up of my stitching. That piece is "Arabella Reborn" by Michael Boren stitched in the Autumn Leaves colorway. This was a workshop last year with my EGA chapter. 

Now I need to go do some cooking for lunch today and take a shower. I'm hoping for a bit a time playing my new  camera. I did take it out briefly yesterday, but have nothing exciting to show for it. 


The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Lucky you in being able to take a Betsy Morgan class! Do let us know when/what she is doing. Maybe one day I can arrange to take one of her classes, too.

Jane, all alone without a teacher in CH :(

Bonnie said...

Distracted at Thursday stitching!? Could it be the conversations, laughter, color consults, food, show and tell, book discussions, or what??? LOL Miss everyone yesterday.