Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I realized, just now, that the numbers of my posts are starting to make "historical" sense to me. Today's number coincides with the publication of the first Poor Richard's Almanac by Benjamin Franklin. With luck, around this time next year, I should be hitting 2011. Gah. Why do I have numbers on the brain?

No stitching yesterday. But I did take two samplers for framing - the Love and Live Quaker and Little Green Acorns. 

Then I came home and painted our privacy fence around the deck at the front of the house. After painting, I went with ibuprofen, ice, and some geranium oil on my hand. And no stitching. It's not too bad today, except if I move my thumb in a certain way. Doesn't help that hand was sore before I even started. But I did manage to paint both front and back of fence. Bully for me!

This morning was hair appt. time. I'm looking all glam right now. Wish I could blow out my hair halfway as good as my hairdresser can. I usually stitch while awaiting the magic hair coloring process to finish, but today I forgot my scissors. Imagine being stuck in a place full of scissors, but having none of your own. 

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Anna van Schurman said...

Now that's irony!