Friday, October 08, 2010

Exploding Head

Two weeks ago I had to give up my cell phone number. Don't ask. Just trust me when I say that I officially dislike Verizon. To the point that I was ready to walk out of the store and pay the $175 to get out of our current obligation. 

Except I knew that both children would likely plot to kill me in my sleep if I did that. 

Instead I gave up my number and now have my husband's old number and new phone. And though I had been considering a phone with a data plan, I did not do it after the problem was discovered. 

I have a basic new phone. Talk, text, photos. That's it.

Testing mobile blogging!

And mobile blogging works once again. But photo blogging not working for me. Okay. That's fine. 

Hurdles I have faced. Getting my new phone number to everyone. I'm sure plenty of people I have told about this new number, haven't put it in their phone. Okay. I can deal with those consequences. And who have I forgotten to tell?

I didn't know any of the codes/passwords associated with this phone and couldn't change my voicemail. Hey, brilliant guy @Verizon. You should have thought about this before I left the store. Instead I had to go back there two days later. 

Gah. A new phone means I have to teach it all those words again. This one seems particularly stupid. I don't text a ton, just enough for this to be annoying. 

And the sound on this phone isn't good. Makes my head vibrate.  

Alright. Enough whining. Now that I know I'm in sync again here, I'll leave. Have not finished my prework and I see a long night in my future.

Can you tell I don't love this phone? and I really don't love Verizon.  

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