Sunday, October 24, 2010

I've Got My Head on Straight, But

My extremely busy week ended with a two hour drive home after a day spent at Winterthur. While unpacking the car, on my last trip to remove things from the trunk, I stepped off the sidewalk and ouch.

I believe I came very, very close to rupturing my achilles tendon. Immediately went for the ice, elevation, and ibuprofen. 

Today I added an ankle wrap to the mix. And just in case and because we're traveling soon, I also bought a cane. This is ridiculously bad timing. 

New photo in header - this is the Lamprey River in New Hampshire. 

Please check It's a Small Hotel post from a few days ago. There's now a photo there of Anna, the Stitch Bitch, at her LNS. 

Seventeen of the members of my EGA chapter met at Winterthur for a specialized needlework tour in which we were not allowed to carry anything with us, so no photos. My head is still spinning from all that we saw. We would walk into a room and not know where to look. There were so many marvelous textile items. Samplers, coverlets, dresses made into chair coverings, purses, pincushions, sewing tables, bed hangings, firescreens. The list could go on and on. Henry du Pont had a tremendous eye for collecting. 

We did get to see Faith. I saw her after the needlework tour and was sorry I didn't see her first. Mostly because I was on overload by the time I got to the jacket. LOL


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