Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Secret Stitching Again

I did not go to the framer's yesterday because I got smart for once and checked the hours and he's closed on Mondays. Brilliant. But I can go today. 

Instead I exchanged e-mail with a friend and went to her house and picked up a secret project. Came home and pawed through the stash of magazines and projects and created a mash-up! Just like on Glee. I took two projects and made them work together. Didn't even take a lot of eraser. Then I picked the called for threads for one project and just grabbed my bin of overdyed cottons for the second project. And I narrowed my threads down to three overdyeds. After dinner I started stitching and by the time I turned off the telly I had made tremendous progress. I might be able to turn this project back to my friend on Friday and then I can scratch that obligation off the list.

On Sunday I worked on my last friendship sampler mystery piece. We're exchanging these towards the end of October and all will be revealed here as I've taken quite a few photos as these passed through my hands. 

But what I really need to do is frog my mistake on my pincushion which is over one stitching. And restitch. Needs to be finished by Saturday in time for class. More on that later.

My October calendar is full. And looking at the paper version things have been crossed out and rescheduled all over the place. Maybe I'm being too optimistic about how much I can get done. Maybe I don't really need to sleep. Maybe I'll collapse when I finally get to New Orleans. 

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