Saturday, October 30, 2010

I'm Not Arguing, But...

I won't say I wasn't expecting someone to rebut me when I posted my feelings about the shop I stopped at in Littleton last week. Here's my replies in large type to the comments in small type. 

Apparently you know very little about the World in Stitches.

I do know about The World in Stitches. I shopped there way back when my husband was stationed at Fort Devens. 
 It is not dusty and in disarray.

It was too dusty and in disarray. Things all over every flat surface. In nearly every room. Dusty enough to set off my allergies. 

It has been in business for almost 3 decades. You probably walked in on a day when they were unpacking after going to a needlework trade show and had not completed putting everything away. Yes, needlework shops do go to trade shows esdpecially The World in Stitches. Also they go to estate sales and buy needlework merchandise to sell on eBay.

If the lack of organization I noticed is simply the result of a trade show, they really should set up a room to contain it and keep it away from the public. They've got plenty of rooms. I don't believe this is from trade shows. I know. I've worked in needlework stores before.

If you had signed up for their newsletter by email, you would find out about the trunk shows they have where the "new stuff" is on display from floor to ceiling on the walls and not in disarray. You would also find out about the classes in knitting, cross stitch and needlepoint.

Okay. Fair enough. I don't receive their newsletter as I live in Virginia.

Also every last Friday of the month, from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. there is a group of women to meet to stitch and talk and have coffee and dessert and generally have a fun. All are welcome to attend. It is not limited to just a few.

I'm positive there is a lovely group of people associated with this store. I'm simply stating the opinion of one person who walked in there at random.

If you are looking for something in particular, The World in Stitches is very helpful. They can order it for you. They are friendly and the shop is a comfortable place to shop. Not at all like the place you describe.

I'm sure they are helpful. The lady who helped me was nothing less than friendly. 

Next time you are looking for a particular place, try MapQuest. It is much more accurate than a GPS system.

Okay. This statement is ridiculous. Anyone out there really think that MapQuest is more accurate than your GPS system? 

I agree with Susan. I have been going to The World in Stitches for over 20 years & I have never found it to be dirty or disorganized. This shop is full of wonderful cross stitch, needlepoint & knitting.
If you can't find what you are looking for Randi will contact other stores in area to see if they have it & if that fails she will order it for you. She has even found stuff for us on ebay.There are always new classes & if someone sees something that they would like to learn Randi will organize a class. We also do a 12 hour Stitchin every other month. 

Again. I'm not saying anyone was less than helpful. Or that there wasn't a lot of stuff. I am saying that I regularly visit four needlework stores - three here in northern Virginia and one in Maryland. None of them look like this place did on the day I was there. Even my friend's shop when she was going out of business last year didn't look like this. Maybe I did hit this shop on a bad day.
Will I ever visit again? In all fairness to the two of you who responded to my opinion, I might. 

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