Saturday, October 30, 2010


For my readers in my local area, the Washington Post is having a contest.

Here's what it said in the Local Living section of Thursday's paper:

Local living wants to celebrate the spirit of the winter season with beautiful handmade crafts, such as ornaments, garlands, cards and gifts. With our Holiday Crafts Contest, we invite you, crafty person, to share an original creation with us. 

Your  homemade craft can be sewn, woven, knitted, molded with plain paper or papier-mache or created with any materials you like. It can decorate a tree, hang on a wall, sit on a table or be wearable. it should be themed for any of the winter holidays or simply be winter-appropriate.

What are we not looking for? Anything made from a kit, copied from a book or Web site, or otherwise unoriginal. Your kids' school craft, however adorable, probably won't make the cut either.

The best crater will win a prize and be featured int a Local Living article in December. Enter by submitting high-resolution photos online along with your contact information and where you live; the deadline is November 30.

You can find all the contest rules at Questions? E-mail We hope you'll participate and inspire us.

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Sara Leigh said...

Oh, gee. I'd love to get in on this. Do I think I'll muster the time to create something original? No. Maybe I could stitch my Poinsettia, which I had a model stitcher do and thus don't actually own. I'm not sure whether it meets the criteria. Also, I'd rather try something in charted needlepoint, since that seems to be all I do lately. Gah!