Friday, October 15, 2010


I totally forgot to document the progress on my bargello piece. *slaps forehead*

One thing I have found is that it's taking more thread than I thought and as I started with a skein of overdyed from the stash, I've quickly reached a stopping point. 

I'm using a Carrie's Creation thread and 5 yards of the 8 yards is already stitched and I'm only about 1/4 finished. And that's with some DMC thrown in. Which led me to having to order it online as I don't think anyone around here sells Carrie's - a fine overdyed cotton that has some tremendously interesting color combo's not to mention neat names like Elk Snout and Moose Drool. The only problem is the dye lots can vary by quite a bit. But at $1.00 a skein it's a bargain. 

Of course, how could I order just thread? I also purchased a piece of linen and one pattern...

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