Saturday, January 10, 2004

Again Again

Another afternoon yesterday with stitching time! Three in a row. Feels good.

Though I have spent 3 afternoons putting in time on Agnes Scott, I may have to move on to a smaller project. Working on her border is depressing me. It's so big.

I have been debating about putting her on scroll rods, as right now I'm working in hand. As I have top quarter finished, I can see that moving lower is going to get difficult. I do love the portability of stitching in hand, but she'd get less wrinkled on rods.

Enough stitching. It's freezing here. No, wait, it's way below freezing here. Woke up to minus 3. Three hours later, we've climbed up to zero. Not a good day to spend time outside.

Which is why I have total sympathy for all the die-hard fans who are willing to risk their skin attending tonight's Patriots-Titans game in Foxborough, MA. Go, Pats!!!!!!

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