Wednesday, January 14, 2004

It's Deceptive

It looks like a beautiful, sunny winter day out there. A snow squall swept through yesterday in the afternoon and dropped a little more white stuff. It looks inviting. But I know the temperature is 2 degrees. And I'm not going out there...

Oldest child is home sick today. Sore throat, no fever, and feels dizzy when she stands. How lovely. Please don't share that with the rest of us.

Yesterday when the poor cable guy showed up, he was visibly shaken. He had just come from an elderly lady's home where the conditions were filthy - flies, maggots, and an unbelievable stench. I tried finding a local phone number for aid to seniors, but in the end he decided to stop in the Town Hall.

I am grateful I know where my loved ones are and how they are doing.

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