Monday, January 12, 2004

A House Full of Slugs

Yesterday none of us accomplished anything. All four of us were big, fat vegetables lazing about the living room watching Looney Tunes and football. My teenage son never even got dressed. Just lounged about in his sleep pants and tee shirt. I guess we all needed some down time.

Kids were grateful to have a two hour delay this morning. Just enough snow fell to make things slippery. That meant I got to sleep in also.

Now I need to go create a marvelous birthday for my grandmother who will 95 this weekend. She's not your normal 95 year old. Doesn't take any medication. Rides her 3 wheel bike a couple miles a day. Had to give up walking because of her knee. Finally stopped driving last fall. Still works in her community club kitchen. Plays cards like a demon. She's totally marvelous and wonderful.

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