Saturday, January 24, 2004

close call

Nearly got beaned in the head last night by a flying hockey puck.
Fortunately my peripheral vision was working and I started moving forward. Puck hit my hair. Got caught and dropped in DH's lap. I was sure surprised to turn to him and see that he had it. I thought it had kept on going. Normally one of my children would have been in this seat, but they had moved up to sit with a friend. LOL

Little time to stitch yesterday. Had to attend a luncheon that DH and colleagues were giving. DH and two others passed their Professional Engineering exam, and a third person completed his PhD. So they decided to treat their coworkers to a free lunch. They even remembered to get flowers for their wives. What a sweet bunch of guys!

But I did fit in a few minutes on my scissor case. Nearly finished. Just need to sew up the sides now and insert the fabric. Not an easy task as I recall from my first one of these.

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