Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Waiting for the Cable Guy

I wonder what could happen while I wait for the cable guy to show?
Our audio is all distorted. Has been since we returned home. Can watch tapes and DVD's with no distortion so we are hoping it's simply the box. And our remote needs to be replaced. We've killed the channel up and channel down buttons. Only took 18 months. Not bad.

I should go do laundry. Make bread. (The healthy kind - high fiber, etc.) Finish packing away the Christmas decorations before we go back into the deep freeze here. Having to lug stuff across the street to the garage means you don't want to do while it's snowing or it's zero degrees outside (farenheit, not centigrade.) We could be down to minus 10 soon, but this morning it's a balmy 33 degrees. I guess my goals for today are simple.

Need to remember to find some doodling cloth, fibers, and a hoop before my EGA meeting tomorrow night. Can hardly believe I'd almost forgotton this meeting. For some reason I didn't put it on my calendar. Bad.

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