Tuesday, January 20, 2004

I Voted Already

Thanks to absentee ballots, I've already voted in New Hampshire's primary. Interesting outcome in the Iowa caucuses. I'm not a policitical junkie or anything, but I do appreciate the NH primary season.

Yesterday I made my DH a belated birthday cake - we were not at home for his birthday. A from scratch Black Forest Cake. I even impressed myself. Somehow that evolved into an entire meal that included schnitzel and brat kartofellen. Was very good.

Did some searching through my fabric stash, knowing that somewhere I have the perfect autumnal fabric to finish off a band sampler. Of course, it's not in any of 3 large Rubbermaid containers.
I know I have this fabric because I bought it to make another piece into a pillow, which I haven't done. Ah. Well.

And lastly. The Patiots. Can't believe the football season is over except for the Super Bowl. That went fast. Now what am I going to stitch to on Sundays??? Congrats to the Pats. You guys are awesome.

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