Wednesday, January 21, 2004


I had every intention yesterday of putting together my first album on stitching online. But for some reason Webshots refused to acknowledge my existence. Same thing today. I even reregistered. Argh.

I know I should do some housework, but...please can't I sit and stitch?
As soon as I get offline, I am deleting Freecell from this computer. I wasted valuable time yesterday. Kind of becomes a form of meditation. Never know where my mind is going to go while mindlessly placing cards. Very soothing. But time could be better spent.

A Great Big Happy Happy

Yesterday's mail brought me a wonderful online purchase. Betty Ring's Girlhood Embroidery. Finally. After years of trying to obtain these books, I have finally succeeded. Perfect condition. Don't even look like anyone has paged through them. Yippeeee!!!!!!!!!!!

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