Sunday, January 11, 2004

A Tolkien Thank You

Yesterday DH and I took our two teenagers and two of their friends off to the mall for lunch and a return engagement at ROTK. So the kids ate lunch, and DH and I were left looking at each other at a now very quiet table in the Chinese restaurant. We had more than five hours to kill at the mall. So we started out together. Bought a desk calendar for the computer table. Bought Titantic and Muppet show DVD. Then decided to separate, 'cause Best Buy was enough for me. I didn't want to get dragged through Circuit City and Comp USA, too!

This meant I got to browse through JoAnne's. Bought more OPI nail polish at the beauty supply store (Cha-Ching Cherry and Italian Love Affair). Browsed through all the cooking stores. Met back up with DH and we bought the 4 DVD set of Looney Tunes. Then we decided we had plenty of time so we went and sat at a bar and had a few drinks and some lovely grilled tuna appetizers. In the midst of all those people, we still felt cozy and alone in our own little world. After 19 years of marriage, there is still no one I'd rather spend my time with.

And we still made it home in time for the beginning of Patriots/Titans game. Had some wonderful football junk food - cheese stuffed hotdogs wrapped in crescent rolls, etc. What a lovely day. And the Patriots won!

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