Thursday, January 15, 2004

Way Too Cold

EGA meeting was postponed last evening. It was way too cold and had started snowing. It's amazing that it could snow at all, it was so cold. Those were the smallest snowflakes I've ever seen.

Of course the kids have today off. If it's really 10 below tomorrow they might have tomorrow off too. And yes I need to go the grocery store today. I've already gone out there with a broom and done snow removal. I was all warm and toasty bundled up, except I wore my gloves instead of mittens. Nearly froze my fingers off. I should know better.

Other than my quick trip out for milk, eggs, etc. I can stay home and stitch. Kids are plotting to watch Titanic with a friend who has never seen it. I may just sit on it as I've only seen the movie once.

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