Thursday, January 08, 2004


I did manage to stitch yesterday on my Agnes Scott sampler. I hope to find some time this afternoon for more, but this morning is reserved for a quick shopping trip to return something that did not quite fit DH.

DD spent all last evening bugging me about the weekend. She apparently needs to go and see ROTK again and was trying to pin me down as to when I would take her, DS, and friends. I say anytime as long as it does not interfere with my watching the Patriots play football.

Right before Christmas I was going through my spare needlework tote trying to figure out what I had done with a particular pattern. I guess it has been nearly two years since I opened this case. Inside I found a lovely finished object that I know I stitched, but I basically have no memories of stitching it or finishing it. Must have done it during a very busy period of stitching I had in 98-00 while living in Colorado Springs. Somehow it never made its way into my finished objects box. The design is JBW Designs href="">

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