Wednesday, January 28, 2004

La La

Can hardly believe we're using another snow day. Pretty soon, kids will be using their spring vacation time...But the world outside my window looks all white and wonderful. I've already been out and shovelled the driveway and created access for the sanitation specialists to reach our garbage and recycling cans. But they hadn't yet plowed when I was out there. Came through around 10:00a.m. So now I'm sending kiddos out there to remove what the plows piled up. They're young. They can handle it.

Fixed our AOL problem. Thanks, Art.

Now I had every intention yesterday of stitching on my Celtic Christmas for UFO week. But. But. Oh my. Where did I put the threads and beads and chart? I remember cleaning up before my sis arrived in November. Never separate the actual stitching from the supplies. The stuff is in a green bag. Must be some place out of the way, or I would have run into it by now. Think. Think. I hate when I do this. You would think I would know better by now...

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