Saturday, September 09, 2006

Brief Hiccup in transmissions

But I'm back now.

DS's first cross-country race is this morning. And he overslept. Didn't miss the bus, but one of his contacts wasn't right. And he didn't have time to eat anything. And he forgot his waterbottle in the car. We need to leave in a hour to go see this race.

Then it's off to Kings Dominion for a company day of fun and picnics.

I did start the Goode Huswif's Black Forest this week. It's on black with pretty needlepoint silks. Fun, fun! Got about 2 hours work into it. I was drawn to this by the colors - muted autumn tones of golds, browns, greens, and reds.

Writing about that piece reminds me of the last Goode Huswif I did. Also on black. I need to figure out a way to afford framing. My stash of finished, but unframed objects is huge.

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