Monday, September 25, 2006

Slow - but here's a Stitching Blogers' Question

How many pieces have you stitched? Out of these, how many have been for you? How many have had specialty stitches or other techniques besides cross stitch?

How many pieces have I stitched? No faffing clue. Some number over 100 and under 500 would be as close as I could come to answering this. Even though I started keeping more detailed records in 1996.

Next. How many have been for me? Since 1996 all of them. Except 2-3 dozen. And a lot of those are ornaments. I stopped stitching for others and have been slowly filling my walls (though lately it's been more filling my finished projects box) with things I like.

Speciality or other techniques? maybe half of the projects I've done. In 1997 I started an Earth Threads band sampler and that set me down a path to trying new things. From then on, I've done a fair amount of petit point, band samplers, needlepoint, hardanger, etc. I'm always willing to try something new.


Anna van Schurman said...

I hear ya, sister.

Anonymous said...

Good answer(s)