Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I just don't understand blogger

Sometimes it just seems like it's been taken over by poltergeists.

Since 8/30 I can not see any of my new posts from my own blog via the "View Blog" button. Rather annoying, that. As I usually check for spelling/grammar/factual errors the next time I post.

In the continuing cold spell - yesterday I made Italian Wedding Soup, Rosemary Foccacia, and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Today - maybe clean out the cheese in the fridge with some homemade mac n cheese. DS has a cross-country meet so I am sure he'd appreciate it. But that means making it this morning as I have to bring him to the meet. No bus to this one, 'cause it's local. Of course we are looking at showers on and off all day and a high of 66 degrees. A pleasant day for a runner - not so pleasant for an observer.

I've tried to get an electric carving knife off freecycle. But alas. I fear it is not to be. Still laughing about the woman who said she had one, then tore her house apart looking for it, only to question her DH and find he'd already given it away to his sister. I wonder if wally-world has them?

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