Sunday, September 10, 2006

Saturday - Kings Dominion

Does anyone really call this place Paramount's Kings Dominion who isn't forced to by their job?

Now - for the details.

Allowing time for DD who is reading this at college to get jealous.

Hi, sweetie!

First, it was morning surrounded by her favorite type - tall, skinny cross country runners. (Not so pale here in Virginia as they are in New York.)

DS had a respectable run time and seriously wants to get it faster. If it doesn't rain on Wednesday, I'll go the meet with the camera. Need photos as they are looking sharp in their new Puma racing flats.

Coach fortunately let us duck out as the varsity girls were running the last race. Which is good, 'cause there was an accident on I-95 on our way to Richmond. Quelle surprise.

Nothing but coasters...

First up was the Hurler, a wooden coaster built in the 90's. Rough ride. Was not impressed. Glad we did this one first.

Second - Ricochet - a four-person car similiar to Mousetrap (where was that?) The switchbacks up that high are kind of cool.

Third - Rebel Yell - a wooden dual racing coaster - Forwards - Nice out and back - good airtime. Long and satisfying. Backwards - Very interesting. I liked forwards better.

Fourth - Anaconda - steel coaster. Great design. Nice speed. Good loops and nice corkscew. Rode it twice.

Fifth - the Volcano - Long wait in line, over an hour. But worth it. Steel, hanging coaster. My favorite ride of the day. That's some speed. Launches you straight up out of the Volcano.

Sixth - the Shockwave - a stand-up steel coaster. Good job for an older coaster.

Seventh - I didn't ride it, but the boys went on the Hypersonic XLC. Air compressed launch 0-80 in 1.8 seconds. Most people don't even make a sound on this ride. 'Cause they can't. LOL Boys loved it.

Eighth - The Grizzly - 1980's wooden coaster. This may be the fastest wooden coaster we've ever been on. Will have to check. Really got slammed around in the tunnel.

That's the coaster reviews for the day. Did not wait in line for the Italian Job. Next year. Best part - free tickets so we only paid for parking and 2 bottles of water.


Anna van Schurman said...

Rollercoasters. Love it. (I had my coaster weekend over Labor Day.) But I don't do wood.

Lee said...

Now THAT sounds like a fun day! I love CC meets and roller coasters.

Good luck to your son this season!