Thursday, September 21, 2006

Point A to Point B

We managed to get ourselves from Oatlands to RFK yesterday - no problem. Till we got to RFK. Where I had a parking pass. Good for certain lots. And their signs and lack of lighting made me go in circles, then off on a tangent. If it hadn't been for the lady with the orange flag screaming the lot 6, we'd still be circling...LOL Nats lost. But hey. I did get to see Alfonso Soriano and the man who should be rookie of the year, Ryan Zimmerman.

Was a beautiful day for a cross-country race - except for the part where my son's team did not warm up as much as they should have. Um, can you say the weather is much cooler? Painful for all involved. Yes, indeedy. Coach reamed them out afterwards. I enjoyed it. Sometimes being a parent is fun.

Despite my good intentions I did not toss or recycle a single iota of scrapbooking stuff yesterday. But I did manage to get it back into its closet. I still need to purchase some shelves. And I admit the photo boxes are still in DD's room.

Meanwhile, today my allergies are pinging full force. Would love to scratch my nose right off my face. I need a little relief as I woke up with the accompanying sinus headache.

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