Sunday, September 03, 2006


Anna asked about my headboard plans. Having watched this innumerable times on home improvement type shows, I feel confindent I can do this without detailed instructions.

I have a piece of plywood that's been cut 36" high by the width of our bed. After ascertaining DH's preferences, I'm going with rounding my corners. I think for doing this, I'm going to make a pattern on paper first and that way both sides will be the same. I've got two inch foam to cover the plywood - using spray adhesive to make it stick. Will then trim the foam to match the plywood. Then will cover this all with batting that is stapled on the back of the plywood. Next a layer of muslin stapled to the back. The reason for this is if I decide in the future to change the fabric, it's easier to remove and recover if there's a muslin layer. Finally my fabric choice which I found last fall. It's a taupe colored fabric with embroidered flowers done in the same color as the fabric. Finally, I will cut two support legs from the leftover plywood and screw them to the headboard. I am trying to decided if I wanted to make fabric covered buttons or not. I can always drill holes in the plywood and add the buttons later if I think more detail would be better.

That's the plan. I'm still trying to find an electric carving knife via freecycle for cutting the foam. I had one, but the lady emailed me back and said she'd tore her house apart looking for it, only to find her husband had given it to his sister. LOL

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M said...

I just made a headboard using basically the same plan as you but I have mine in microsuede. You can use a razorknife as well to cut it. Or Kitchen Kaboodle has those knives for sale. I saw one the other day.