Wednesday, September 27, 2006

EGA stuff

I may have to change to evening meetings. As much as I love the morning ladies, there are 3-4 times as many people attending in the p.m.

The class teacher was unable to attend as her real life job interfered. But we had a plucky substitute, which was nice. I stitched a pretty spider web (no photo on this on as it is silver blending filament and you can hardly see it) and a black spider who looks fairly innocuous. I started a ladybug next, then realized my proportions were off and it was too small. Just stitched over it to make it bigger. It's a baby ladybug, what can I say?

This did get me to pick up the last cross stitch project that I started - the Goode Huswif's Black Forest. It isn't pumpkins, but it is kind of autumnal colors. But it is black fabric and the holes are getting more difficult for me to find, even with white fabric underneath it. I took it outside and stitched on the deck while listening to NPR. There is a fair amount of beigey brown color on this piece, but I think when I add a little bit of green and gold, it'll be okay. I know myself and too much boring color makes me set things aside. It was nice outside as the birds and squirrels are pilaging my dogwood tree for the berries. Which meant I had to sweep the sidewalk. Still not as bad as the Russian olive tree we had in Colorado. If you stepped on those things, you had a tendency to fall. Just like in the movies. Feet go forward and land on your behind.

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